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Replacing clock on a Giulia

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I have a new oem replacement clock for my Giulia Super Nuova.
I was wondering if anyone has replaced that before.
I am trying to find the screws on the dash to take the gauge cluster out, so far no luck.

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There are four small nuts on studs on the back to get the binnacle out, which pulls forward. You'd have to unhook everything. Hard to do with the dash in place. The clock should have a small bracket held in by a couple 8 or 7mm nuts. Again, a hard place to get to with the dash intact. Maybe pull the tach or speed first to get access?


Did it several time on various Supers: No special skill level is needed but it is painful, specially because you must sometime work upside down.

Easiest way is to remove 1st the speedo (same arrangement as the clock, with 2 small nuts on the back+ Speedo cable, then you have a good access to te clock.

To do so you should remove some hardware from the under of the dash, 1 bracket and 1 air duct, as far as I remember.

Be careful when removing the speedo, because the paint of the instrument cluster can be chipped very easily, and I'm afraid that you'll have to disconnect everithing: Speedo cable, of course, but eelctrical connections also. Some pics with a digital camera will be of great help for refitting.


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put the driver seat as far back as it will go, put the sat back down.grab a good flashlight, lie down upside down with your legs over the seat rest. Yes I know it looks funny.
You will see the clock at an ALMOST, repeat ALMOST impossible location. You will also see two knurled screws holding a small plate in place. This plate holds the clock. If you are lucky and have strong fingers, there you go. Otherwise use some small pliers to twist the knurled screws a bit loose. After that use your fingers. You will swear, get red in the face etc, but it CAN BE DONE...

I guess the whole neighborhood will hear my swearing/cursing. I hate working anything that goes under the dash. It will be on my to do list things.
Thanks all, for all the help.

Make sure that you disconnect the battery before poking around behind the dash!
Or rather, don't.
That way not only the neighborhood will hear you, but the entire town...
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