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I just put together a system to replace the old three-port pump on a Spica-injected Spider. I did a similar thing for my two-pump Montreal several years ago.

Because I had a problem that ended up being a plugged rear fuel filter, I ended up with an extra new pump and regulator. They did not fail, as it appeared, they simply couldn't suck fuel through a plugged filter. So, if anyone is interested, I'll sell a kit like mine for $150. This is about $50 - $75 less than the parts cost, never mind my labor to put it together.

I'll post a picture below, but the short of it is that you can install the pump in the same bracket as the original, and the regulator fits between it and the forward-facing shield. The three hoses are located very close to where the original pump would have them, so it's a direct hook up to the fuel filter, pressure line going forward, and the re-circulation tee.

Your calibrated orifice at the front will need to be resized, but different than using the typical L-jet pump, you'll end up slightly enlarging the hole due to the higher pressure and flow of the pump I've used. Thus, instead of reducing the cooling through the Spica pump as caused by using an L-jet pump, you'll get slightly more re-circulation through the Spica for more net cooling.

Choosing the right size to drill is something of an art, because you will also be able to adjust the pressure at the regulator to achieve your desired 14-19 psi. It's not that hard, actually.

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