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I had spent quite some time looking for replacement valve stems for my Campagnolo wheels. The original valve stems were Schrader 1446. These were a metal o-ring clamp on style valve stem. Finally after I had given up, I stumbled on a web site while I was doing some research on tires for my wife's Mazda. The site was Hanco Corporation. Hanco Homepage Part number is MVHH523MS Stems were only $3.02 each and with $10 shipping and handling the total for 4 came out to $22. I was able to order them on-line but ended up talking to them when I got an error message while placing the order. Very friendly people. They do almost all of their business directly to tire shops.
They told me that you do not need to create an account to place an order (the site is a bit confusing on that) The web developer was going to make the site clearer on that point. Just enter the Order online section from the home page and then use the part number in the search section in the top right. Parts came in a couple of days and I think you will see from the pictures that they are a direct replacement.


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