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I'm reaching out to the group with a question about replacement gas tanks for 1969 spider.

I have a 69 1750 spider, SPICA.

My tank is heavily rusted and is leaking at the bottom of the tank, at the seam where the plate is attached for the bottom feed.

I'm at the point where a replacement tank makes sense, rather than trying to get the local rad shop boil it out and coat it.

The roundtail spica spider seems to be a bit of an orphan on the gas tank side.

I'm looking for input from any BB members who have actually changed a tank for this model with a new replacement:

(a) do the later spider tanks physically fit?

(b) if so, how much modification is required?

(c) alternatively, have members installed the carb duetto tank with modifications, e.g. in-tank pump and added fittings?

Given that I see different feedback from different vendors, I don't want to order a tank and then pull the rest of my hair out. In that case, I may be better to take the risk with a repair even if it doesn't seem like the best way at this point.

All comments welcome!

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