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Repairing plastic rear window on Spider

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I have a horizontal crack about halfway up on the rear plastic window in my 1984 Alfa Spider. The split is about 2 feet long. Is there any way to repair this split or am I going to have to buy a new convertible top?

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.
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rear window repair

there is the popular duct tape repair, seen a lot of those.

If you mean is there a way to repair the existing plastic window, I don't believe so.

Is your window sewn into a canvas top or heat sealed into a vinyl top?

You could source a piece of window material and drive your self crazy trying to install it. But with a canvas top all the holes are there in the canvas to guide you. It could work ok if you had help so one person inside and one outside. And if you undo the forward latches you might be able to stretch the plastic tight when the roof is up. On a vinyl top you would be on your own to make all the holes.

Or you could remove your top and take it to an upholsterer that could sew in a new piece of plastic.

I didn't replace my window but much of the stitching was failing on my canvas top. I removed the canvas from the frame and brought it to an upholsterer. He charged a little over $100 to restitch the entire top, and make and install a new glue flap for the forward bow. then I reinstalled it.
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Some years ago, in another part of the world (Brooklyn, New York) I had the window replaced by a convertible top installer..As I remember it lasted for about ten years..than the top went. It is an 86. The cost of repair was about $90. It might pay to look around, and see if anyone is interested in doing the rep[air. The answer to that question will have bearing on your final solution.
I'd recommend just replacing the top. To do anything with a repair, you're going to have to remove the top anyway.
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