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Repair Or Replace

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Have an 84 spider with tranny issues. Pops out of reverse, has since I've owned it, 20 some years. Also getting the 2nd gear crunch and despite new motor mounts etc. gear shifter rotates in and binds on console opening. Live in rural upstate N. Y. fingerlakes region. Unaware of anyone here who could rebuild my trans. Should I keep looking farther afield or buy a rebuilt unit from IAP for $2000.00? Thanks
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I'm sure IAP's rebuilt unit will work very well, but at $2190 it is pricey, especially for a unit rebuilt with stock components. If I were in your shoes, I would contact Performatek in Boston, and ask about their tranny re-built services. Andy is one alfista that certainly knows what he's doing. (If you don't get Andy on the first try, be sure to leave a message.)

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I would have it rebuilt. With parts it would be closer to maybe $1200/$1300 or there abouts.
Bob Breed in Raleigh NC has a good reputation. He has long been associated with Krause and England. He gave me an estimate of $1200 for a complete rebuild.

I had mine rebuilt with lightened gears by a guy with an impeccable reputation in the Alfa racing community. He did it for a similar cost. I don't know if he is looking for business. You can send me a PM if you want more details.

Ed Prytherch
Glenn Oliveria in Berkeley did my Super's trans (seals, synchros were all that was needed) a couple years ago for under $500; I did the R&R. Also my GTV's trans, including Merritt Carden gear lightening, for under $700. Not sure what shipping would be to/from Berkeley, but I doubt it would be $1500.

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