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Rendered speculation: Alfa Romeo 169

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With the Alfa Junior hatch gearing up for production, the 8C Competizione being delivered to customers and the 159, Brera and Spider gorgeous-ing up roads around the world, the next item on Alfa Romeo's plate is the 169, its upcoming flagship sedan.
Although the 169, spy shots of which we brought you back in February '07, could be based on a modified Maserati platform or potentially on one borrowed from Jaguar, it's slated to return to rear-wheel-drive either way, which puts it in a better position to take on Europe's very best sports sedans.
The image above, of course, is just a rendering, but draws on existing and anticipated brand styling cues. We hope the actual production version will be more sexy and, well, more Italian than this illustration, and we also hope it'll make it across the pond with its stablemates.
[Source: The Hollywood Extra]

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:confused:Is that another $200K+ wonder :rolleyes: or something I could actually buy:). It looks alot better than the common stuff the're (supposingly) trying to sell her. I don't know who is doing the designing for the new stuff other than the 8C but if they worked for me, I'd fire them all.
My guess, and it's only a guess, is 70-90k range if based on either platform.
Well, I'd have to of course see test reports on its handling/ performance and flog the ever livin' daylights out of it myself on a test drive but :confused: maybe for that amount of money, I'd just throw in a couple of more bucks and spring for the Audi R8:). Of course it would have the 6 speed manual and not those :rolleyes: flippers or whatever they call them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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