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While doing my rear suspension I decided to also do the Tbar end bushings since mine look pretty worn after 45 years on the job....

First I drilled them out wit a speed drill (pic 1)
I threw them in the fireplace on a winter evening to get rid of the rubber (no pic but imagine a nice woodstove ?).

Then went to home depot to get nuts big washers and some bolts and made my own puller (pic2).
I needed to weld a big washer in the inside so I could pull. It worked like a charm see pic 3. In pic 4 you can see how I welded the washer in.
As you can see in the pics I used one of the end cap shim rings to keep the threads together although that did not seem necessary.
Good luck if you try this

ImageUploadedByAG Free1420229303.447397.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1420229323.408708.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1420229346.943120.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1420229361.474517.jpg

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