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Removing Injector Hoses S4

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Hi all - I cannot for the life of me remove the old injector rubber hoses running from the fuel rail to the injector. The part I cannot remove is attached to the fuel rail. I've cut the fuel hose in multiple places at the fuel rail and it just will not come off. Will that circular bushing which is at the end of the fuel hose slide forward under pressure to push the fuel hose off? If you all have any tricks, please l et me know.
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don't cut.. get a hot soldering iron, and melt away
yes, best not to slight nick in the hose nipples and they might well leak under pressure
here they use the odd term 'welder' for a soldering iron.
the soldering iron will make short work of the rubber and you should be able to just pull it off.
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that circular 'bushing' is just a hose cap (called a 'ferrule')...the hoses are just a push fit (if you get the correct sized injector hose, that is: 7.5mm ID and importantly (if the ferrules are to be used) 13mm OD, the hose pushes right up to the ferrule, which keeps it from expanding/coming loose

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Thanks, very helpful! I’ll use the soldering iron on them.

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When you go to replace the injector hoses, I would strongly suggest using injector hose clamps rather than the ferrules. As Dom mentioned, with the right hose, the ferrules work fine. But if the injector hose outside diameter is too large (even if the inside diameter is the correct 7.5 mm), the ferrules will not work, and you could be in for a catastrophic event. Below is a link to my cautionary story:

I'd bought a Weller D550PK 260/200W soldering gun (I mean "welder") a while ago to use on these hoses and I didn't have any luck. Even on the high 260W setting, it would slowly melt the straight hose but as soon as it got below the collar/bushing/ferrule to the tough part it didn't seem to have enough heat. I was even making sure it wasn't hitting the metal, but it just wouldn't really melt the hose there. But it did seem to toughen up the heat so when I went back with razor blade and picks (very carefully) it was a little harder than normal. Got them all off the rail tonight but took forever, and next gotta do the injectors.

Anyone else have this experience trying to melt? Maybe that iron that I got just isn't very good?
same as you. haven't got the ferrules off yet but ordering another soldering iron with a needle tip and will try again.
BTW I even got a butane iron with a sharp tip and didn’t work. Good luck and if it works let me know what iron you get because I’m gonna do it again soon.
so it does all come down to using the right tools. I bought a cheapo soldering iron with a pointed tip as below. I patiently pierced the rubber down to the ferrule base careful not to damage any of the metal, and with a little persistence the rubber hose did come off and ferrule was removed. one side done in about an hour, will attempt the other side next week (off my GTV6).

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