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I think AlfistiSA has already answered your question, but the dash pad on my '65 simply snapped into place.
Hope this helps.
As far as professional restorers asking questions, heck I would rather you asked how to do it properly than experiment and screw up my car! There's a first time for everything, even if you have been in the business a while and only work on one marque.
By way of illustration, I've been told by "experts" that my very original 1978 Cadillac has been repainted in a non-stock color. Those that do recognize the very rare one year only color have told me that the vinyl top is not one of the two correct factory matching colors. (I've had to show family photos going back 30+ years and point out the trim codes to demonstrate that it is correct!)
All I'm trying to say is that sometimes its impossible to know all the answers, so it's better to check first.
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