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Removing dash from '65 GTV

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Let's get this out of the way first: Should it bother you that a professional restorer asks questions, please do us all a favor and simply move on.

I've removed the four visible brackets holding the dash on - please note the year, it might be the only year the dash's were made this way. From underneath and on the forward edge (to the driver) there are 'about' six captive nuts with a bolt, from above, going through. All I can figure out is that they have to be going through the upper dash padding - except they don't. There is a 'new' cover for the top of the dash, but whoever did it had to be able to get the top off to recover it, then replace.

I've had some head scratchers on this project, but this is the first I've not been able to think through.

If necessary I'll send a photo.

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101/105, what would a day be like without one of your oh so clever retorts?

Okay, for you normal folk, I should have looked more closely. A series of rusty wire clips hold the front of the top on.

Greig, good to hear from you. I still have the 750 though have restored two '69 Spiders and a '78 Spider 'in between. The client has no place to park it once completed so isn't in any hurry.

This dash is tan and black, but hard to get any pattern out of it. I'll post a picture of it later.

Antoni, thanks. In this case I should have checked out those rusty wires more closely. They just didn't seem like a viable mounting solution.

Since the '65 is such an early GTV example, I don't assume that how it was designed and put together are necessarily the same as later GTV's - though sounds as if '65 and '66 are similar.

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