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Remove "Nipples" from 1974 Front Bumper?

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On my '74 Spider, I'd prefer the cleaner look of the '72 front bumpers, which to my limited knowledge don't have the two front "nipples" on them.

Can these be removed? If so, does it look OK? Thanks - Dickson
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I won't even go there Dickson....:eek:
But I could ask...if you remove them, how would you tell if it was cold outside?
I won't even go there Dickson....:eek:
But I could ask...if you remove them, how would you tell if it was cold outside?

But seriously, if you remove them (held on with a single bolt each, I believe) there is a square hole left behind.
Not the greatest picture, but one that was available, of my 74, which came to me without its nipples. I figured they just add weight in a bad place, and maybe someday put lights there, but for the nonce, looks better without.
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just change the front rubber
That's right. I think the Euro plastic frame is the same as the USA spec, there's a connection to the 'nipple', but it's covered by the rubber; so, get rid of the nipples, get two Euro-rubbers and that's it.
Except it's REALLY tough to change the rubber. It's connected to the frame with about 20 'stripes' or what do you call them which are almost impossible to separate from the plastic without damage. Use screwdivers to push and anything you can lay your hands on to pull them and hope for the best. And when you think you finally got the hang of it and it's not that hard, you get to the ones hidden behind the indicator light. Those are all but inaccessible. It's not really impossible, just enough to make your day, afternoon, night and morning very interesting.
Reinstall isn't easy, but compared to the separation, it's child's play.
So get complete bumpers if you can.


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Doable, but not easy. Perhaps I'll fab some square rubber patches that could be installed to fill the holes left behind.
I have a new "nipple" for sale if anyone wants to keep there "bosom" original. Think I have a good used other " nipple " too.............. two. PM me if interested.
I have a 71 with 74 bumpers..... I've been looking for the Euro rubber strips, but haven't found a source yet. Can anyone make a suggestion? I suspect it's going to be too expensive right now to be practical but....
I have bought Euro bumper parts from Chris Sweetapple at Highwood Alfa in the UK.
I have a right-side rubber strip laying around somewhere. Wouldn't be of much use without her sister, though :)
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