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alfa 156 sportwagon 2001

Remote starting

Model aps-57C/A - Audiovox

Question! How to connect/install.....

My ingnition left side contact:

red - constent 12v
blue - Start motor

right side contact:




In the manual they talk about ingnition 1, ingnition 2- accessory 1, accessory 2.

Problem is that I can’t find, even with a multimeter, what is what.
When I put the key in the ingnition and turn it one click clockwise, everything is turned on.
AC, all the lightning, radio and so on turns on.
Next click engine starts......

HOW, does the ignition work?
What is ignition 1/2 and so forth?

New poster and a proud new owner.
As a swede just to Volvo, I can’t really make any sense of this remote starter to this ignition.


Ok. Let’s just say for the argument sake, I tape the immobiliser chip onto the pickup ring-
How exactly do I go about adding the wire from the remote starter on to the ignition harness in my car? colour by colour.

Where can I find the tach "tachometer” wire and horn wire?

APS57 Installation Manual:

Really,really need to install this remote starter. Theft is not an issue. But the winter is coming soon


So far I have thes:

Remote starter. Black wire - ground to the car chassi.

Red ingnition wire- constent 12v, conects to red/red hwite on remot starter.
Blue ingnition wire- conects to yellow wire on remot starter.

But now it became a bit confusing
where to connect Blue / Green wire from remote starter?

And Where can I find the tach wire and horn wire?

Pls help!!


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Couldn’t get the **** thing to work so I pulled it out of my car and took it inside with a 12 v old battery I had laying around.

I connected the remote starter to the battery and put a multimeter to each and every cable and ran threw the settings that came explained with the manual.

And I was very surprised of how the remote starter works, it’s actually very simple. It’s just a bunch of relays inside that just turn on and off depending on which button you press on the remote.


I don’t take any responsibility for any damage you do to your car by following this instruction for the installation for Alfa Romeo 156 with on/off start ignition.

Installation.... Audiovox Model APS-57C 6 pin harness.

The both red / red white wires from the remote starter, connects to your RED ignition wire - constant 12v.
The yellow wire from remote starter, connects to your BLUE ignition wire.

Those wires is to show the remote starter where your 12v and startmotor is.

The Purple wire from remote starter goes to your BLUE / RED ignition wire.
The blue wire from remote starter gos to your BLUE / White ignition wire.

The green wire from the remote starter you don’t need in this application on this ignition system.


It’s very simple, after connecting red / red white and yellow wires to your ignition harness, the remote starter has every thing it needs to start you car remotely. All it does, is to force feed 12v constant voltage to purple and blue wires and in this application, I hookt up purple to my BLUE / RED ignition wire, which gives me interior lighting. And the blue wire from the remote starter to my BLUE / White ignition wire, which gives me the heater and AC.

Code probably hook any of the purple, green, yellow to my cigarette lighter plug and have my Iphone charged remotely ;)

There is a little hick-up in this installation and it is the immobiliser circuit. You need to have a key close to the ignition, or as i did, take out the immobiliser chip in the key and taped it on to the pickup ring and hidden it and mounted it securely. To get to it, you have to rip it out, which will damage the cable and make the car um drivable any way.
There is a third alternative, but that is gonna cost money. You can order a immobiliser module to this remote starter, that tricks your immobiliser to think the key is in the ignition.

Now for the next wire installation of the remote starter.

12 Pin Harness - Brown / Gray wires

On this connecter, there is a actaully just two wires we will use. All the rest you will cut
of and secure the ends of the wires with shrink tube or insulation tape.

The brown wire you will connect to your brake wire, found on top of your brake paddle.
Connect the wire to the wire on your brake paddle that will give out 12v when the brake is pressed, that will kill the engine immediately if someone tries to drive away with you car.
I later moved that wire to my door light when someone opens my door, the door light will come on and supply the brown wire with 12v and kill the car engine.

The Gray wire is a little bit trickier. It’s a grounded wire, suppling 12v to this wire will destroy your remote starter.

As you already figured out.... what happens if you remotely start you car when it’s in gear....
yep, you guest right , the car will jump forward and smack in to what ever is in front of your car.
potensoly VERY expensive mistake. So we need a smart solution for this.... and to make sure that what ever you come up with dosen’t drain your battery to, if you don’t use your car 24/7 .
At first, I was thinking of some kind of toggle switch for this purpose. But found it to be very unreliable. Then I come to think of a killswitch I made for my moped back in the olden day from a windows alarm switch....

They come in all kind of shapes and sizes:

and what’s better, tey only use a magnet to activate/ deaktivate.

So I went to my local electric store and got myself to of those connecters. One to put in front of my shift stick and one for the back. And on the shift stick it self I put powerful mini magnet I found on my fridge door.
Voila, every time my stick shift is in 1-3-5 gear, the upper switch senses the magnet and ground the Gray cable and the car won’t start, same for 2.4 gear. fool proof.

2 Pin Door Lock/Unlock Harness

Now to the Central locking system.
I couldn’t get to the wires from the left side driver door, so I extended the red and black wire to the right side door and connected those to the light blue and white wire in the harness coming from the door.
Can’t remember which color goes to what, but if you get it wrong, just switch them, press the remote lock/unlock to find out.

If you can't find the tach “tachometer” wire in your car.

Be sure to enter “Bank 3“ in the settings by pressing the antenna button 3 times and den turn your ignition Off/On Off/On “2 times” you will hear the unit clicks. press the antenna button one tome and the blue light will flash one time. Press the button agen and the blue light will flash to times.
continue these instill the light flashes five times. quickly press the “Lock” button on your hand remote control unit one time. and turn the Ignition off. You have now activated the “Voltage” in the settings.

Repeat this step agen to settings option 10 and select 0.8 sec. And lastly repeat the same stems to option 14 and select “averaging”. Now start your car 4 times so that the remote starter can learn how you start the var properly.


If you wondering why I didn’t connect wires to all of the outer lightning and horn.
Well, I just don’t want to advertise that I have a car standing around with engine running for people to steel it ;)

Review On Prestige APS57C Keyless Entry Remote Start System

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