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I purchased a Reinz head gasket kit and tried to inventory the parts. The only ones I recognized are:

1. Head gasket
2. Intake manifold gasket
3. Cam cover gasket
4. Copper exhaust manifold gaskets (4)
5. O-rings (which I will replace with square cut)
6. Valve stem seal - are these usable for an S3?
7. Cam cover felt washers (4)
8. Cam cover half moon seals (2)

There are a lot of other parts I did not recognize, presumably for other configurations.

Are these all the parts that are usable for an S3?

Does anyone know where I can purchase a Crankcase pressure gasket that goes to the OVS? I read about it in the Vintre engine rebuild thread. I also need a thermostat housing gasket, but I read on the forum that I can use Permatex Red instead of a gasket.
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