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I used to run without a fan all the time ... wouldn't consider it in current traffic.

Have an Autodelta fan in one car with all blades cut down to about 1.5". It won't cool enough even with a three row high efficiency core in standing traffic ... putting on the heater in hot weather almost does the trick. It's still in the car for looks but an electric SPAL pusher now sits in front of the radiator.

With a modern high efficiency radiator core a small electric pusher is all you need.

If you don't want to go electric, the smaller 1300, 1600 fan will use a bit less power.

I wouldn't consider taking out all blades but two in current traffic - never mind the potential hassle of having to balance the thing afterwards.

u need a full length blades for traffic ever with a extra capacity rad core. this is especially true if your motor is hopped up.

the fan shrouding make a huge difference also drawing more are through the rad. you can break the shroud and fan if you drive spiritedly without reinforced motor mounts due to excessive motor movement and the poor old school location of the drive-train mounts. dont ask how i know this... :)
21 - 21 of 21 Posts