Trying this again.
I bought a 1984 Spider Veloce back in January. Car had 57k miles and had spent most of the last 15 years in storage. The car had 17 year old tires that looked brand new. I replaced them with Kumho's first thing.
I have been restoring\renewing the car since.
I found a really nice set of Mini Lite replica's (like C\L sells) for sale and purchased them. That is why I am selling the original five spokes.
Selling set of five original five spoke wheels with practically new Kumhos (less than 1500 miles on four, zero miles on spare). Four of the wheels are in great condition, one (the spare) has minor curb rash. Full disclosure, these are not Chromadora, not Campagnolo. All are stamped "FPS" on the front, also stamped "Alfa Romeo" and "Made in Italy".
I do not want to break up the set, or sell without the tires (not yet anyway).
Price is $1,000 for the five wheels and tires, 16 nearly new lug nuts, and 16 old and crusty lug nuts (OCD, I had to replace them).
I am located in Hendersonville TN, if you want to check on shipping cost. I will help arrange shipping but will not pay for shipping. I don't have a vehicle that can carry all five wheel\tires at one time to meet anyone. Pictures attached, I have photos of each wheel front and back if anyone is interested in seeing them.