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red GTV-A clone

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Hello ;
Any body ever see the red GTV in the L. A. area for $15K
Its looks nice but then it has Hose clamps holding the linkage. brake lines hanging in the rear. No horn button. But nice GTA door handles. Looks like panal fit is bad also on the front edges of the doors. some gauges do not work. any body seen it in real?
I would love to but I live 3+ hours North at 115 mph and I can not do that any more.
Take care
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Havn't seen it, but I've heard of it. I forgot were I saw the ad. I don't have the money, but would be interested to go kick some tire, and give you a report on the car (if it's in the area).
anthony, how the hell do u know where all these cars are at?
GTV-A Clone ruff

Hi Folks;
I asked the ? and also have been talking to some one and gave the the site were it is, But I cannot figuer how this site works because i do not see most of the posts i left for this car. Pleasee see 1954 to 1964 the little racer is mine, and In ould love by buy the GTV so please do not drive the price up I just wanted to know if any body saw it in real> I have a lot of photos and ther are alot of problems Like wiring, brake lines Hangin in the back not hooked up. hose clamps holdinh the linkage on & aar cleaner.
I am going to spend to much on it allready. and as you can see by my other car I do not ahve a lot of $ But alot of passion yes. If I can figur this out I will post my old trusy Super that was raced in the 70s and 80s by me.
Take care
Re: GTV-A Clone ruff

psb said:
If I can figur this out I will post my old trusy Super that was raced in the 70s and 80s by me.

If you get a chance I'd like to see your racing pics!

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Re Photos

Hello Thanks for the Help site. I am going to make this short because I just lost the hole thing as I tred to send it.

I have been emailing Snidy(sp) and 67 GTVjun mint I guess my emails are privite because I can not find most of them. 67GTV my address is [email protected] I may have emailed it to some one else if you did not get it. I have not seen the photos onmy side yet. Also i have out this out but again must be privite. I will not be able to get photos up because I have a heck of a time with this thing. I love the site but have a hell of a time comunicating, it comes to my email then I have to log on tto the site and then do it all over then the computer locks up again or my letter is to long to send Bla Bla bla.
But yo have my old Plum Berlina on your site Its the 1 that sold for to much $ on ebay.. It was misrepresented, I told the seller it was hite bad in the rear and he could open the read door and see the rivits holding the fender on. But it is a very nice one Garagerd its hole like It was My shop teachers car in 69 he Tradedhis Cortina for it. I got it form him . and we latter sold it to the guy who sold it on eaby as a1 owner! Also I sold the car months before it sold on ebay for $3500.00.
If some one owns it and reads this please just email me any ?s if you want.
Take care
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