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Fellow Alfisti!!!

Greetings! My name is Bryant and I am the artist for the graphic novel series titled "Red Bella". This is the story of a young Italian girl named Elena Rossalini. When she is not at her depressing day job working as paralegal for a corrupt law firm, she is consumed by her desire to destroy those who she deems to have sinned in the eyes of God.

As the plot thickens, things are not as they seem to be. Corruption and Conspiracy affect her life as she carries out the most violent form of justice ever recorded.

The car she drives is an Alfa 164Q which, is portrayed very prominently throughout each book in the series. Currently, it is one of the first published graphic novels in the world to feature Alfa Romeo cars.

82 Meticulously handcrafted pages in full color. . .

If you would like a copy, please send me a PM! Help bring our beloved Alfa Romeo brand to the world of graphic novels!!


Bryant A.B.
Red Bella Graphic Novel


1990 164QV Euro spec & 1991 168B
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My Sara the 164 driver enjoyed her copy you sent me.
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