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1989 Alfa Spider Veloce. 2018 Alfa Stelvio AWD SUV
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I was stopped at the intersection of 9th Ave and Bayou Blvd today when a 4C crossed in front of me. I was in the wrong lane or would have followed. When we moved to Pensacola 16 months ago I thought my 1989 Spider was the only Alfa in town. Now, after many Cars And Coffee's, other car gatherings, and word of mouth I know of a couple of other spiders undergoing work or just sitting in garages, 2 of the new Guilia's, an Alfa race car driver, and now the 4C (if he wasn't just passing through town). For all ALFISTI, the next Cars and Coffee will be July 27 in the Gander Mountain parking lot on Airport Blvd from 8-10am. Hope to see YOU there. :smile2:
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