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Recommended windshield replacement company in Los Angeles?

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Hi everyone,

Can any of you Angeleno's recommend a good glass shop for my 164 windshield replacement? I see a lot of Satellite Auto Glass vans driving around, but I just don't know who's going to know about the heating element on the bottom and who won't mess it up!

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164 Windshield :replacement companies

If you are not too far from Burbank, contact Lee @ ALan Auto Glass. They do all the movie work for the studios regarding glasss replacement. He is a bit of a character but he will do a good job. they have been in the auto glass business since 1960. Let me know if that works and I will get you a tel#. There's ALL Star Glass which is a Calif based auto glass chain, family owned. They do good work as well. there are a lot of others but best to stay with someone who has at least worked on many foreign cars over the years so they have experience in not damaging the trim and will take the time to do it right. We have sold to many glass shops out that way over the years. Good luck!
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