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First let me say, I don't feel this question belongs under electrical but (hopefully some day) an audio forum - on the ABB.

I'm installing three audio units on the forward shelf of a '69 Spider's trunk. In addition to the two 6" speakers in the kick panels, there are two 6" x 9" speakers mounted in holes cut out of the bulkhead between the interior and trunk. If you're at all familiar with the trunks of these cars I'm sure you can see it is going to be very crowded 'back there'. As it is, the CD changer has to go between the rear of the two speakers because of it's height. The amp and headunit will be right in front of each of the two (extremely strong) magnets of the speakers. I don't feel it should be a problem for the amp, but I am wondering if the magnet, immediately behind (approx. 1/4") the headunit, will have any effect on its memory? And/or affect the FM, etc.

If it is felt there will be a problem, how far does the headunit have to be away from the magnet not to have problems?

Please, don't answer with a, "There shouldn't even be a radio in an Alfa, let alone four speakers, an amp, and headunit (oh yeah, there'll be a connection for an iPod) since the sound of the engine alone should be music enough."

Unhunh, but do magnets affect electronic storage devices?


Holes had been cut out and speakers installed when I received the client's car.
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