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Recalcitrant 33 - battery problem

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My silver 33 sulks if you don't drive it for a couple of days - it flattens the battery and won't start without a boost. Its always been like this and I don't know why. It has been to the auto electrician a couple of times, no fault found. The battery is fairly new (they don't last in this car) and there is no problem if the car is driven every day.

What then could the problem be?
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A frend of mine had the same problem with his 33. Leave it for a day or so and it wouldnt start, battery fine. My 33 also has trouble starting, starter turns over slow just about every time, again battery fine. I was thinking perhaps starter brushes?
I am pretty sure the starter is Ok. I've replaced the feeble battery cables and the auto electrician installed a relay on the starter so it gets plenty of volts once you turn the key. The battery just fades away after a couple of days for no apparent reason if it isn't used. I parked it Thursday and decided to drive it this morning, nothing. Fired it up with one of the other cars earlier this evening no problem.

It's mighty irritating.
Man that sux.............
Is it a faulty interior light circuit?
Moisture in the fuse box causing a short?
Dodgy alternator connections?
Well , one way to test if you have a leak is to remove the negative pole , take a 12v lamp and connect it between the the negative pole and the battery. if it lights up without the keys on the ignition then you have a problem ... Depending the density of the light you can estimate the loss of electricity... It is better if you have measurment intrument for accurate results.

Now if you confirm that you have a loss in current you can read the manual and check the fuses and their use, Then you can remove each one and test when the loss will stop. This way you can concetrate to specific circuit like starter or lights....
Called the auto electrician again who suggested disconnecting the radio. Done. I'll get it charged later this week and see if it stays charged.

I am looking at replacing the fuse holders with spade type ones anyway to get rid of those other electrical niggles so I'll be looking for any other problems while I am at it.
any luck with your battery?
Well I charged it up and have been driving it the past two days. I'll take the other car for the remainder of the week. If it was the radio, it will be flat again by the weekend. I'll keep you posted.
The car started just fine today (Sunday) which indicates the radio might have been the problem.
you mean the radio was staying on and not switching off with the ignition?
The radio is not wired through the ignition switch but is always turned off when the car is parked. The problem seems to be the other wire which is intended to keep the clock and station memory going. The power has been tested many times as suggested above but no current drain has ever been detected.

With both fuses out at the radio, the problem seems to be gone.
good luck with that!
Still starting OK. Must be a record. Not missing that radio but the gearbox now sounds awfully loud.
Ive just been out and twiddled with my radio, which has a switch in the power line so I can listen to it without the key on. If it is the radio then I am sure that the memory wire is not hooked up correctly When the key is off the display should go out but the memory still work. When I bypass the key and turn off the radio the clock still shows and will flatten the battery overnight (I have done this) Get an auto electrician to check the wiring.
I destroyed the wiring undoing the fuses. Both wires were connected together into an unswitched 12v supply via a scotchlock. I'll certainly get someone who knows what they are doing to sort it out. Thanks.
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