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More images here: Imgur

This is the original engine from my 65 Sprint GT. I'm going a different way, so the stock mill is up for sale.

AR00502 17527

My car came with this rebuilt engine, plus a 67 Veloce spares engine. PO told me he rebuilt this in the early 80s during his own resto attempt on the GT, which he abandoned. It even has old Champion spark plugs.

Some bits are new, some are rebuilt. I'm fairly certain the carb setup I have is from the Veloce. I removed the head & sump to confirm what I was told and photograph for sale, and don't see any surprises. I was planning on disassembling fully myself to verify everything.

I can't speak the quality of machining work, etc, and I'm not a professional engine builder. You should consider this a good clean starting point for your own build, with most of the necessary parts ready to go. You could hand this off to an engine builder or verify everything yourself. Hopefully I've priced it to reflect that.

Head is early small-port with no mounting tangs. Measures at stock height. New valves and seats. Claimed to be crack tested. PO claimed head work was by a reputable machine shop (albeit a few decades ago so no records).

Cylinders still have hatchmarks and engine turns smoothly and easily. I've kept MM oil on the liners, assembly paste in the head. I bought a gasket/seal set and replaced them as I went, even though they were likely fine. I'll include the duplicates.

  • Liners, pistons, pins
  • Valves & Seats
  • Valve buckets
  • Gaskets, seals, etc
  • Timing chain
  • Clutch
  • Fan & belt

  • Oil pump (PO claimed rebuilt)
  • Distributor (I see new internals, rotor, cap...)

  • Rods
  • Crank (new bearings)
  • Stock cams
  • Alternator
  • Starter

  • Flywheel looks like it wasn't resurfaced (I'd do it)
  • Pitting in #1 combustion chamber, tapering off on the #2 chamber. I've been advised its cosmetic, ymmv. Evidence of coolant leak at front of engine likely before rebuild.
  • Fastener corrosion. It's been sitting for decades...
  • Carb cleaning. They've been rebuilt, but by now the fasteners are all corroded

$2500. Engine is in San Francisco. Obviously pick up is preferred, but happy to strap it to a pallet and hand off to a courier as well, if that's cost effective.

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