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Rebuilding a 1750 GTV '69

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Hallo all Alfa friends. Finally my 1750 GTV is finished. After 2 years of rebuilding the car (with some major back problems in between) the car was finished last saturday.
The GTV is now new from top to bottom (bare shell):D. Alfaholics track day kit with 29 mm anti roll bar. A 2 liter engine, balanced crank and rods, lightend flywheel and pully, new 45 Webers and stainless steel exhaust system. Ported and machined top with fast road camshafts all from Alfaholics UK.

Painted in Alfa Rosso 501 (sorry all of you who liked the old colour) but I'm very happy with the result. The first trip with the car was to the Italian Day at Vaaler Racing Circuit last saturday. A trip of 600 km with the new engine (it had only been idle'd with basic settings before the trip) but the engine ran beautifully with no problem at all. A very good feeling I must say. Now there is only some fine tuning to do, then it's all done.

Nøtterøy, Norway


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Wow, thats a nice car. It must be a real thrill to drive.
Hi Nipper, yes the car is a thrill. A bit noisy still, some fine tuning to do with the door seals but the handeling is very good. The 4 pot calipers stops the car beautifully. The engine is still in the breake in periode so I haven't been able to test the capability yet.
Awesome!!!!! Great and long work but it looks terrific. Congratulations and enjoy it.
that's a real beauty....I wish mine looked like that!!!
looks like huge fun :)
congratulations on the result

Thank you all for the compliment's, it's always nice to get. I'm happy now, it has been a long run and I look forward to drive the car now. Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of laps at the Rudskogen Track during the autumn after the breake in of the engine is done.

Nøtterøy, Norway

Looks really sharp... What was the original colour??
Hi Oelholm, thanks. I've spotted some traces of the original colour and it looks like it has been light blue met. some time in the past. This is the second time the car has had a renovation so its not much left of the original colour.

Well done, that looks fantastic. Good job!
Nice paint job, post some more pictures please

Some more pics of my 1750 GTV

Hallo Rick. Thanks for your compliment.
Here are some more pictures, I don't hve too many at the moment but here are some.



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yes, seats... are you basketball player, sitting on the backseat?:)
...very nice car, you make me very envy, i'm in the middle of something exactly like that, only 1,5 year in work so i hope to be ready for next summer, alfaholics parts are really delicious, definitely will order some too
...anyway, have a nice kilometers with your cherry:cool:
Smooth ride

Im sorry I have not read any posts on this thread, as soon as I noticed the type and year, I had to go on and comment. The GTV is certainly a beauty. I love the suttle organic lines. Certainly makes it a timeless classic.
I'd love to do a rendering of it. Interested?
Check out me and my wife's site for more examples
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Where'd the seats go?!?!?! :)
Don't know??? must be here somewhere!!! I hope............
Good luck with your project. It's all worth the effort when you are finished.
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