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Rebuild on 164S

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Hello all,

I'm currently rebuilding my 164S engine. I was hoping someone would know of a place to get new parts for the engine. New bearings, seals, water pump, thermostat, belts, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
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All the normal parts places...Difatta Bros, International Auto, Centerline, Jason.

Some use Vick Auto Parts.

This would make a useful thread...Where do you buy from?
I'm tempted to post my parts list...anyone have objections to that?
I'm tempted to post my parts list...anyone have objections to that?
I wouldn't, but might I suggest you put list over on parts for sale list as WTS and then post a link to it over here on 164 forum.

If you mean rebuild parts list by all means go for it.
I'd have interpreted Sean's question as whether to post the list of parts which went into his recent rebuild, rather than the list of parts he had left-over and available for sale. Either might be correct, but if Sean meant providing a list of parts which went into his rebuild, more power to him.

My wife's rebuild involved:
new gasket set (lots of stuff there -- oil seals, etc)
new main bearings
new rod big-end bearings
new small-end rod bushings
piston rings and hone liners, liner O-rings (in gasket set)
Permatex anaerobic gasket maker (cigarette seal supplement)
valves to replace those bent by P.O.'s out-of-time condition
new timing belt and tensioner
new water pump
T-stat housing hoses to heads and oil heat exchanger
new serpentine belts and idler pulley
new reaction rod and shifter bushings (engine out, why not?)
examine half-shaft, steering, and strut boots for replacement
(consider whether to replace radiator or heater core now)

and now is the time for:
power steering fluid,
transmission lube,
brake fluid flush
examine pads, discs, and e-brake cables

And I suspect I've left out some significant things.
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