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i've also made up a rear wheel bearing retaining ring tool for the same reasons as CZDAlfa, i didnt fancy risking damaging the thread etc....

there's a laser cutting firm just up the road from me who are happy to do small jobs, and the minimum job fee isnt too much,

they laser cut an 11mm deep piece of steel to fit exactly inside the ring, i then had a large nut tig welded to the plate. the nut accepts a 32mm socket.

it did the job beautifully and i was able to undo it and then apply the correct torque setting easily.

i expected them to cut maybe 6 out for me, but they cut me 50!!

for quite some time i've been meaning to get a bunch made up and offer them for sale, but not yet got round to it....

i've done some working out and prices (pounds sterling) including postage would be...

UK - £15
USA, Canada, South Africa - £20
Holland, Finland, Sweden, Germany - £18

here are some pics, any feedback on the tool and prices would be greatly appreciated!!

if there is sufficient interest i will get a batch made up and sell them via an eBay 'buy it now' auction.




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