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Rear Spoiler R&R

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The brake light in the rear spoiler on my '86 quad is loose. The shop manual says to remove 4 nuts and release the adhesive that holds the spolier to the trunklid. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to remove the spoiler w/o messing up the paint. Also if I am successful at removing it what do I use as an adhesive to reattach the spoiler?
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The 86 I spotted in and repainted the spoilers was very straight forward as I remember. I don't remember anything other than nuts although this car had already had previous damage so it might have been overlooked. Remove the center nuts and back off the 2 end ones all but a couple of turns. This holds the spoiler from scooting across your decklid in case this is all holding it. Pick and pull GENTLY. Heavy test fishing line will work as a saw to cut most any chemical fastener with minimal damage to paint. Good Luck and let me know how it looks.:)
Thanks gn mtn, I will work up the courage(possibly shot of bourban) and give it a try. What do I use as an adhesive to reattach?
The only thing I did to the one I reinstalled was to wrap a donut of dum- dum (technical term for butyl ribbon) around the studs so as to eliminate water leaks. Most likely if you swing by an auto glass company they will give you enough to do that. Post back when you remove it maybe even throw in a picture.:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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