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Rear rotor replacing...

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Does anyone know if there was a thread of how replacing rear rotors on a Milano or GTV6. I am sure there is but can't find it.
If you take those 6 Allen wrench type studs on the axle, then you will get to the rotor is that it?
Also how easy taking the calipers out (on the back).

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ive done this one and its not a half bad job..i DID however have to chop down a socket to fit in on some of the axle bolts as i couldnt get a wrench into them

as for the calipers EASY EASY
You may want to loosen up the Allen head bolts and the hex bolts first. Things may have frozen up and having use of the brakes will help to keep things from rotating.
On a 20 year old Alfetta I remember having to grind off a couple of bolt heads because they were so stuck.
Thank you guys for the info!!!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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