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Rear Performance Springs GTV

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I need to replace the rear springs in my car. I have a nice set for the front, but am still looking for a rear set.
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What *kind* of springs do you have for the front?

In general, it would be best to match the front and rear springs - i.e. Shankle front with Shankle rear, IAP front with IAP rear, Centerline front with Centerline rear, etc.

While most performance springs are generally similar, there are some differences in rates and it would be best to keep a matched set, otherwise you could end up with some unexpected handling traits.
I tried to do just that. The company that was supposed to supply them to me, told me after the the order had been placed, that the rears where no longer available. I was told the fronts are the same as W&D springs. I have also been told that there are only a few spring makers and that most of the one for sale now are almost all the same. I don't know if this is true or not.
10-4. I'll look up what the rate is for Ward & Dean springs and see what would be a good match.
That would be great, Thank You
Hi Green69GTV. I just upgraded my springs (lower, strponger, etc) and I have a couple of sets here that are in very good shape One is just under 2 years of use). Failing to get a response from JoeCab (he needs the business ;-)) please pm me and we can work something out.
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