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For those who are not concerned with absolute originality, I want to share information on a rear hatch lamp we found that was ideal for son Mike's GTV-6. This is a Blazer International 12V lamp really made for an RV or the like, but it's got a downward angle to it and a switch, and uses an 1156 bulb, so it really lights up the rear hatch area well. Here's the link:

393SB | License / Interior / Back-up / Utility | Products | Blazer-International

I bought it from Blain's Farm & Fleet website (doubt if you'll find it at your auto parts store):

Blazer International Clear Square Porch & Utility Light at Blain's Farm & Fleet

I just ran a fused lead off the battery, tied to the existing wiring under the carpet along to the rear panel, and added a ground lead. We'll put an Alfa door switch on it operated by the hatchback corner, but for now the lamp switch will suffice (just don't leave it on!). I mounted the lamp to a couple of plastic vertical pieces I riveted to the plastic molding there at the door lip. Also, I put M-F spade connectors on the wire leads so it's detachable. So if there's a need to remove the molding and lift the carpet up for tail light access, the new lamp comes off with the molding. BTW-- I painted it black to match the molding.

Love that GTV-6, but it sure is nice to be able to see back there now! Some photos...


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