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Rear calipers

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Anyone ever had this before?
Was refurbing some rear calipers; sandblasted them, resprayed them, got kits from 'alfa75parts' to do the seals. I got three pistons done perfectly (easy, too easy :eek:). Anyway while retracting the final piston (inboard, left I think), I heard a sudden 'ping' and the retract mechanism went light, too light.
Transpires the adjuster mechanism inside the piston had come loose from the piston and was simply rotating to itself on the adjuster screw.
Eventual got all the bits apart again, so I should be able to get it working, but I was just wondering if it's something that happens, or was I just unlucky?

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Quick update.
As I suspected/hoped, it was just a matter of cleaning the parts again, and pressing them together with a desk vice. Slightly suprised that the parts came apart in the first place as the split-ring that holds the adjuster mech in the piston is pretty strong. But maybe it had worked its way loose in a previous existence..
Alls well that ends well.


I decided to add a pic of the re-conned caliper(s). Ignore the bleed-nipples as these have now been replaced with ones from these guys These seem like a great idea to me, especially when the rears are so notoriously arkwark to bleed.



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