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rear brake covers

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I have an 85 spider and am doing the rear brake dust covers, brake are ATE. I ordered new dust covers from IAP and with them I got 4 large black o-rings. Where do they go. Do they fit under the piston. I know there is a thread here somewher but can't find it........
Thanks in advance.
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IAP sells complete caliper rebuild kits, and I'm assuming that's what you got. These large o-rings are your piston seals, you would see where they go once you get the pistons out of the calipers, in a groove in the caliper bore
Thanks Peter,
so the next question is how do you remove the piston, the alfa workshop manual does not cover this. I know you are not supposed to split the caliper......
try applying the brake softly after removing the disk on one side only
like Rafael mentions, hydraulic pressure is the best and safest way to get your pistons out. You probably know this, but please keep in mind though that when you start taking your pistons out you need to bleed your brake system......I'm merely mentioning this because I read about someone recently who did not get that minor detail;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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