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Flipping through the latest "classic Car" mag I found the editorial mentioned that as of the 1st May De-registered vehicles can be re-registered with the same Rego number plate, and even reuse the old Black plates (assuming someone hasn't already created a personalised plate with the same number.)

Personally, this is great news, as my old GTV was deregistered (unpaid fees) in 1984. I have all the original paperwork/ registration papers and the old plates and really wanted to continue its history, but was going to be forced into having it registered as a 'brand new car'.

I guess I'll still have to go through all the checks and certifications but at least the car will now look only as though it was in hibernation for the last 27 years (apart from the different colour ).

It will be interesting to see whether cars that have been re-registered recently can also apply retrospectively for the old plates...

I need to re-register | NZ Transport Agency

This is from the NZ Vintage car club website

Changes to vehicle licensing regulations announced by the Minister of Transport, Hon
Steven Joyce on April 5th 2011.

Retaining Silver on Black Number Plates
For members looking to put a vehicle back on the road with a “dead” registration and old silver on black plates,life has just got easier.
New regulations which came into force on 1 May 2011 will allow vehicles to be reregistered using the old silver on black plates that were originally on the vehicle.

There are a few conditions –
1. The number on the plates must be still available (sometimes people use a number from a silver on black plate and put it on a personalised plate – in such cases the old plates cannot be re-used as the number has been “taken”)

2. The plates must be in good condition ( this is a general rule applying to all plates)

3. You must be able to convince the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (currently the NZ Transport Agency) that the plates originally belonged to that vehicle. The best evidence is the certificate of registration or other paperwork (insurance policy, repair receipts showing the registration number, etc). As an alternative, a photograph of the vehicle when it was previously on the road showing its number plates would be helpful. Another additional option is to provide evidence that the plates have been attached to the vehicle for a long time – a close up photo of rusty bolts holding on the plate might help. So if you were about to take the plates off to clean them and replace the bolts – STOP and take a photo first.

If the plates are badly damaged and cannot be repaired but you can satisfy the other two conditions you still
might be able to keep the number. The old number would have to go on the post 1987 series plates (black on
white) as the old silver on black plates can no longer be made. Some members might not see this as ideal but
an old number such as “BX4846” still looks better on an old car than a very recent one that you might see on the
latest Hyundai.

Pre 1964 black on yellow numerical plates and previous series cannot be re-used as those plates are no longer

Any member wanting to have their black and silver plates reinstated should contact the Transport Registry
Centre Private Bag 11777, Palmerston North 4442. Attention: Team Leader Business Administration.

Once approval is granted in writing a unique serial number will be allocated to allow the use of the original Silver
on Black plates. These plates will be officially assigned to your motor vehicle at a vehicle compliance centre.

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Jumping through hoops

Following on from last post
Rang Transport registry center to get the ball rolling but hit a stone wall as nonone appeared to be familiar with the changes. This was also the case with the VTNZ & VINZ 'customer representatives'
Finally pushed through and talked to the right person who was extremely helpful

IN short (and it pays to ring first to ensure the number hasn't been used say as a personalised plate) provide;
  1. Copies of old registration papers
  2. Copies of proof of ownership
  3. Photos of old plates - cleaned up as they have to be of an acceptable standard
  4. Any other evidence/proof that the plates are from the car (old photos with the plates attached etc)

Send all the info to;
Transport Registry Centre
Private Bag 11777,
Palmerston North 4442
Attention: Team Leader Business Administration

I'm also going to include a photo of the car and firewall chassis number

Interestingly if the car has already been re-registered under a new set of plates then it can't be 'back tracked' to the old ones.

Link and info to support your argue should the 'customer representatives' be naive

Land Transport (Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2011 (SR 2011/79) – New Zealand Legislation

Land Transport (Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2011 (SR 2011/79)
› Part 4 Registration plates
33 Form of ordinary plates
(1) The unique identifier for an ordinary plate must be a combination of letters or numbers, or of both, and the combination must not exceed,—
(a) in the case of plates for motorcycles, mopeds, and trailers, 5 letters, numbers, or letters and numbers, in total:
(b) in any other case, 6 letters, numbers, or letters and numbers, in total.
(2) A combination must not be used for an ordinary plate if the combination appears or is to appear on—
(a) a personalised plate; or
(b) a trade plate.

(3) If the registration of a motor vehicle has been cancelled and an application is subsequently made under section 243 of the Act to register the motor vehicle and the relevant unique identifier has not yet been reallocated under this Part, then—
(a) the ordinary plates issued for the motor vehicle when it was previously registered may be reissued to that motor vehicle:
(b) the unique identifier assigned to the motor vehicle when it was previously registered may be reassigned to that motor vehicle.

(4) The unique identifier on an ordinary plate must be—
(a) embossed, and coloured aluminium on a black background; or
(b) embossed, and coloured black against a reflective background consisting of white retro-reflective sheeting; or
(c) in any other form and colour that may be determined by the Registrar.

(5) The base material of an ordinary plate must be aluminium or any other material that may be determined by the Registrar.
(6) Despite subclause (5), an ordinary plate to be fixed to the front of a motor vehicle may be in the form of an adhesive label.
Compare: SR 1995/136 cl 2

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It works...

Just received the following confirmation that I can re-register my de-registered vehicle with the original plates.
The person I dealt with is exceptionally helpful. If you want their contact details PM me.

Hi Jon

I can confirm you are able to reregister the Alfa Romeo using the black and silver plates ******

As discussed by phone this morning the reregistration process has to be carried out by Vehicle Testing New Zealand, Vehicle Inspection New Zealand or the AA Automobile Association. Once the vehicle is ready to be reregistered the agent you go to will need to ring me on 0800 366 988, Ext 8364, quoting reference 16567223 and plate number ******.

I've attached factsheet 9 for your information. You may want to read Page 3 which explains the 5 steps to reregistering a vehicle.
I need to re-register | NZ Transport Agency

All the best.


Senior Business Support Officer
DDI 0800 366 988, Ext 8364
E ***.***

NZ Transport Agency
Manawatu Mail Centre
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand
T 0800 108 809 (MVR)
T 0800 822 422 (DL)
NZ Transport Agency | NZ Transport Agency

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Thank you for the information . I have around several vehicles in this situation and knowing the specific supporting documentation and steps in the process helps a great deal.
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