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Re-chip Motronic on S4?

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I see that a few vendors have reprogrammed chips available for S4's. Which one to get? Are they all the same, what sort of real-world improvement might I expect? The mid-range in my S4 is a little flat, but admittedly I'm used to a well-tuned '74 Spica Spider. TIA.
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The Squadra chip seems to be the preffered one of choice.

A search will yeild more results, but IIRC, the basic result is a bit of improvement overall but nothing that's going to make you quake in your boots.
I had a performance chip in my S-4 but it wasn't a Squadra chip, might be a (AR Ricambi chip?) it came with the car.

I had the PO take it out before I bought the car from him because it made the check engine light come on. Two years later I installed the chip just to see the difference it would make.

The chip gave the Spider more low and mid range power but it also caused the car to run rich during warm up. I ended up removing the check engine light and drove it this way for another 2 years untill I rebuilt the engine last year.

The biggest difference was how it improved the way the Spider came off of a stop and it did give an over all feeling of more power but not neck snapping by any means.

Here's a pic of the chip, it's still for sell for $25 (including shipping)


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I'll take it, Murray. I'll send you a PM with my personal details.
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