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6c2500 915572

I've not seen the car personally. Nor have I made it a particular study. I have gathered some notes from various sources over the years. I do not recall seeing any photos prior to this time.

Aside from Tito Anselmi's 6C2500 book (based on Alfa Romeo build-ledger info), historical and descriptive information related to this car has come for the most part from Peter Marshall (UK) and Luis Magenta (Argentina), each of whom have their own sources.

The current owner/seller may not be aware that the body the car wears currently was very likely made in the 1980's for a guy named "Gomez" ... and during which time period the car was known as the "Gomez Special". Even without this report, it would seem highly unlikely that a body somewhat evocative of an "8C Monza" crossed with an "RLSS-TF" would have been built and fitted during the 1950's. At least, not for racing? All of this acknowledged, I do not know precisely when the body was made in the current configuration. It has been known to happen that reports are imprecise and that uncompetitive race cars were built.

The current owner/seller may not be aware that the engine fitted (last reported as "928007" ... from chassis 915702) is not original to the chassis. The location of the original engine "923673" has not been reported.

The original body was a cabriolet by Pinin Farina.

The reported ownership chain thus far:

17.2.48 ........Commandante Molina - Buenos Aires
1948 to 1977 . Ownership and use history not yet described for a time
1977.................Engine 928007 reportedly fitted during 1977 by Dellepiane
as of 1979.....Zampini - Argentina
1981 ............Edward "Teddy" Gomez - Argentina
???? .............. Car rebuilt into "Galizio spider speciale" (a.k.a."Gomez Special") by Galizio.
1986 ............Guillermo Vago - Argentina
???? .............Martin P. Vago
by 2005 ...........reported as "sold" ("perhaps to the USA")

asof2013 ..... We now know that the seller indicates that the car was sold instead to himself in the UK. From the photos, we can see that the car is (or was) stored in company with the 6C1500 N. 0111524.

Here are three of the photos shared via eBay. More can be found there.

Additional data would be very welcome!

John de Boer
The Italian Car Registry


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6C 2500 Special


Thanks for the background on this odd machine. I spotted it during Easter and was intrigued by it. Even more so with the other vintage Alfa 1500 in the background. It dose look like a UK storage.

It has a linkage from column shift mechanism at the front of the gearbox running back to a floor mounted gear leaver. The 6C instruments are gone and the steering wheel is similar to the type used in many Touring bodied post war cars. It would have been a fun car to parade in but hardly a vintage racer.

It seems to have won a few hearts though, judging by the current bidding.

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So many inaccuracies in the description, I really don't bother to correct.
The rebody was NOT done in the 50s but more recently.
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