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So this is an interesting one. Was driving today and while making extensive use of the loud pedal the check engine light came steady on. Pulled over and checked codes and got 1225, the AFM air temperature sensor. So, a problem but not critical.

Got home and checked the resistance of the sensor and it was zero, should've been like 2K ohms. Crap. Pull my spare off the shelf to swap it in, remove the one on the car and hear a rattling noise from inside. Hmmm.

Pulled off the cover and a metal piece fell out. It was the "S" shaped copper piece in the lower right that goes between the external adjusting screw and the mixture pot. It had somehow popped out and wedged itself between the two pins on the left for the air temperature sensor. Put everything back in its proper place and everything works again.

How freakin' random is that? I swear these cars like to keep you on your toes.


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