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Radiator top subframe for stepnose

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Hi all.

I've recently bought a fibreglass frontclip for a stepnose from Bob Wright (I recommend it -- everything was fast to make and deliver; also good quality), since my car have had a wrong nose.

I've managed to cut out the old front, to undo all the changes that were made for the wrong front, and to (almost :) ) align the new nose. But the thing i miss is the thing that goes above the radiator under the top part of the nose. I believe is called "radiator top subframe". Its obvious why i need it: hood hinges and radiator supports; also for strenghtening (?) the body in that area.

What I'm asking from you is if someone has detailed pictures of the piece, be kind to share it here :). Also, if there are some links to online shops that sell it, please share.

Any thoughts and hints are welcome.

Many thanks.

Catalin Slobodeanu,
Bucharest, Romania.

PS: the stuff that i'm doing now (the nose replacement) i've name it "the M.Jackson situation" :D

PS2: i've found a picture posted by akitaman:
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Anyone ? :(
Available new.

#3 in the pic.

180 Euro and some change from here.

EDET: oops - just realized that yours is a step-nose. Could be made to fit, perhaps?
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Thanks, i've already looked on online stores (including alfaservice), but they seem to have only for the later type of nose :(

For fitting a latter type ... I don't think so. The nose structure is very different. Mine should include also the hood hinges supports and radiator supports.
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