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rack? +front suspension

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ok got a few rather strange questions...the question should be posted in the fetta/gtv6 AND milano but ill just drop it here

first off will a 77? fetta rack fit into a 87milano?..will it ALTER anything besides loseing the PS(dont want PS anyway and the rack is shot)...

is there actualy any changes in the front suspension on a milano(87) vs a gtv6(83) vs a fetta(77)?...what about the torsion bars themselves...would asume the milano bars would be heavyer and thincker vs say the fetta units

what about the brakes on a fetta front end vs a 87 milano platinum front end?

and now for the real brain hard would it be to get my hands on a RHD rack that will fit into the milano front suspension?(if ANYONE knows where i can get my hands on one im all ears) someones going to pop up and say "hold up you cant convert a milano to RHD very easily" well rest asured that the rack would be bolted to a milano suspension but the firewall and body wont be alfa:D
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Going off memory here, could be totally off...
Brakes: Alfetta ATEs w/ solid rotor, GTV6/75 Brembos w/ vented rotor
Torsion bars: Alfetta thru mid GTV6's are shorter, beginning in 85(?) GTV6s and 75s went to longer bars. Bars got thicker as production went on Alfetta < GTV6 < 75. Ditto on sway bars.

Rumor is the Alfetta rack will fit on the 75. JJ and Jes were looking for a short ratio Spica Alfetta rack for their track cars, i dont know if it was for the guts or the whole rack.
well the brakes make sense cause the fettas were on 14inch wheels vs the 5lug stuff all being on 15s

and thanx for the t-bar info.....sooo whats the WEAKEST bar made that will fit in a 87 milano..i need a VERY low rate bar(UNDER 2000lb project shooting for the 1600-1800mark)

now to find answers on the rack's
5 lugs are 14 inch also. My Milano Gold had 14 inch rims.

America only got one torsion bar rate for the Milanos. The problem is the smaller Alfetta torsies are longer and will not fit in a 75. I think the stock bar will be fine, even for your target weight. The stock rate is like 150lb/in or something rediculous like that.

Why don't you enlighten the readers on what you're trying to do, we might be able to be more of a help.

Here is some info on torsion bars:

look at post #122.
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id love to enlighten everyone but im unsure where to post such a project as its not "yet" an alfa..and even once done it will be a german/italian cross with alot of american style and creativity that should sound like an alfa, look like a 50s lead sled and "should" out handle the best gtv6's and milanos out there while useing the same parts

push comes to shove ill run coilovers...project is slated for them anyway ..its the cost of them i cant get over....realy concerned about the rack most of LOVE to go RHD "if" i could get my hands on one

funny the car is the ultimate shoestring budget but MAXIMUM effort and work....
If the front track is the same, you could use the 'fetta bars with the bolt on rear cross member. They're probably softer being from a light car. The 75/Milano rack has a quicker ratio. Plenty of RHD racks on the other side of the Pacific:rolleyes:
old manual racks are SLOW , convert PS rack to manual ! RHD rack will not fit on LHD cross member bolt holes dont align and on LHD crossmember there is dished area under pignion! when puting RHD rack on LHD crossmember pignion botom will hit crossmember and rack will not lay down properly :)
T bars are long(soft) on old models(think pre 84/85) with removable rear crosmember :) sorry for my bad explanation but i hope you will get it :)
soooo if i understand you right...i want a late 80s manual rack for the quicker ratio...

basicaly give up on the RHD idea as id need the x-member as well(hmm not out of the question just raises the cost and shipping cost putting it out of reach)...

and if i understand everyone im stuck with the t-bars that are in it unless i want stiffer?
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