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Race Parts for 105/115/116 For Sale -UPDATE-

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Race parts for sale
Trying to clean out shop of all old race spares & parts if you want info pics send email direct! Please serious buyers only. Will delete from list as sold or add as “stuff” is identified & pictured. Lots of things to clean out. Much of fabricated parts are last available!
10/14/07 update:

The vintage Alfa Giulietta (FP/EP) with magnificant history is for sale. Was race car from new. Has 2 drivelines available (new Full Race orig. AUSCA 1600 13.0 to 1, all bearing oiling & cooling mods, 1300 Veloce alum. oil pan, with GTA "close ratio/Short" gearbox, or 10.25 to one 2 liter, ported heads RJR cams, stock trans with short 5th all parts needed to instal) so buyer can have either or both. Website has some info on history & drivelines.
Email for build sheet & information.

The Tube frame 2 seat "RJR" project is for sale. It will require someone with welding & fiberglass skills to finish. Everything to finish is in shop, inc. all gauges, lexan, brake & clutch MC`s, everything!
Some info on Website, working on updating build data. Serious buyers only please! Car as roller with 2.5 motor(plug fabricate to),all driveline, fuel cell, radiator, brakes, wheels & tires weighs 1500lbs. Already has Florida Title, tag, and SCCA Logbook!! 11.75 3 liter below intended for this car. Transaxle close ratio with lightened twin disk unit.
EMAIL for more info.

Brembo Aluminum brakes to fit early 105 (`64-`69 and Juniors `69-`71) all Alfettas (with modification to prevent brake pad overlap. Cost to do that at shop here add $40.00)
Very good cond. Ready to bolt on. No pads. $140.00

115 Dropped Spindles (1 inch drop) (uses wide bolt spacing Ate brakes) Steering arm adjusted for more Ackerman & to eliminate bump steer. Arms are positioned with 2 inch drop to accomodate additional spring lowering or adj. spring pan drop.$450.00

one pair of adjustable cam sprockets for 12V V6. necessary for proper cam timing and absolutely necessary for performance cams. $140.00

LSD for 101/105 type. 4 disk set up LSD. Inc. axles, for late 1300/1600/1750 rear ends. Fits smaller type ring & pinions. Ony one left $1,000.00

116 Milano/GTV6 Dropped Spindles (dropped .8 inch, the maximum to fit in 15insh wheels) Steering arms adjusted for more Ackerman & to eliminate bump steer. Arms modified for 2 inch drop. (using torsion bar or coil over suspensions) $500.00

3.0 liter 11.75 to 1 compression, full race cams, ported heads, fresh everything. Complete from oil pan to cam covers. without FI or Distributor. Build sheet available $4.500.00

Modified RJR Distributor. Mercedes distributor machined to fit 12V V6. Modified advance to work in HP Alfa V6. Will trigger any Crane or MSD ignition system, and trigger any FI system including Bosch. Uses same Dist. Cap as Alfa unit. It has a total advance of 28 degrees, The advance reflects a strait line increase. so that if set on "0" degree adv. at 500 rpm it will advance lineraly to max of 28 degrees at 2800 rpm. A rate similar to the old Bosch 006 performance distributor used on the HP 4 cyl. Alfas.

Nothing to do with Alfa`s

FOR SALE, Brand new,(not freshened!) break in time only, Chevrolet Full Road race 331 CI, 12.7 to one Ross pistons, Dart Pro Alum. heads, roller rockers, fab. rocker covers with oil spray spring cooling, Lazer cam & lifters, fordged, lightened, knife edge crank, Chev. Racing rods, all balanced to at crank. Drysump, Stainless pan, 3 stage Pump, Tank, Remote filter, and ALL connecting Aeroquip hose. 650 double pump racing Holley on single port manifold. (470 HP), (also have a large runner, port matched to Dart heads aluminum cross ram manifold & additional 650 Holley). Ceramic coated cross over headers & twin coated Borla mufflers.
Tilton Magnesium bellhousing, Quartermaster flywheel (zero balanced), Tilton 7 1/4" Triple disk clutch, Tilton hydrolic release bearing. Close ratio 4 speed aluminum housing Muncie transmission with ALL new internals 2.2/1.5/1/2/1.0 never used. Package $7500.00 No Haggling! Will separate engine from flywheel & bellhousing back. This is less than 50% of cost. Build data available.

more to be added.

Richard Jemison
RJR Racing
"you don`t have to listen, but you won`t win the argument"!
"Nothing that I might suggest will be legal in California"
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