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QV camshafts

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Hi all!
I drive an original GTV6 which needs new camshafts!
Someone offered me 164S Camshafts...what can I expect from those cams?

Shall I take them or should I search and stay with original 2,5 cams?
I do not have the intention to modify the rest of the engine!
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Put the 164S cams in it - nice little upgrade...
Im intrigued now - what gets upgraded / what is the difference in timing etc? Ciao
just search 's' cams...thousands of results...

on a 2.5 you'd likely get a mild increase of power over ~4000rpm or so. some say they are good for ~10hp+ on a 3.0L, but on a 2.5L probably realistically 7-8hp. The 164s cams also only very slightly affect the low end rpm band, so they are an excellent 'streetable' upgrade. When installing a different set of cams be sure to check ALL valve clearances, as you may have to buy a shim kit for the intakes. Also if your previous cam failed, your lifters should (MUST!) be checked for scoring to ensure the new cam will not be ruined. The alfa V6 is hard on cams...
You may wish to check out this dyno of a GTV6 2.5 with S (or QV) camshafts:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Forum

Note the torque curve.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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