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Quik Silver 164B follows a Roll Back home

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Quik Silver follows a Roll Back home

It was a cold and rainy night just about two weeks before Christmas (tonight) when I was awoken from my slumber by the ringing of the house phone.

While reclined in my Lazy Boy not in the full upright and locked position I wondered what was the matter. what was that noise?

Well, it was darling daughter calling on her cell from the Navy commissary parking lot after work. What's the matter I asked? She says, "Dad, my key broke off in the ignition lock and I can't unlock the switch".

I slowly awake further from my slumber and slowly dashed to my 164 and drove to meet her. She was right, about half the key in lock and half still on end of key. Two halves do not make a whole key and no joy turning lock.

So what to do but call my Road Side Assistance 800 number right away. Boy am I glad I opted for that rider on our car insurance policy. This was fourth tow of poor old Quik Silver in last three years but the second cheapest using my Towing plan.

Tow Driver was so nimble and Quick and he used wheel lift right away and strapped front tires securely and away we went with me in my 164 as pace car to my Alfa house and he backed it right into garage first try.

Tow was free so I tipped him and away he did drive off into the night.

The first was under tow plan when I turned car hard in a high G maneuver and slung the improperly repaired fuel pump (by some PO or mech) off the short improper type of fuel hose in tank right after we got car. Point to remember here is use correct SAE30R10 rated submersible hose inside tank so it won't turn to slippery mush.

Second time was when hose elbow from IAC to AFM inlet hose popped loose when she was driving on the way to soccer practice and car would not idle or start and I didn't see hose loose until tow driver towed car to same garage and hose elbow popped all the way out during tow. Paid for this tow.

Third time was her self induced tow by police department for that fire hydrant that just happened to be in the way when she parked car. She paid for this one and parking ticket, too.

Long story but important thing is the train your young drivers or spouse, etc., to know how to call for tow truck if Dad not at home or near cell phone.

So in addition to putting the " ICE" heading (In case of emergency) number in her cell phone contact list we need to add our Insurance Road Side Assistance number and maybe a good tow company's number like I had tonight.

Glad it didn't happen last weekend when we were out of town and her aunt was staying with her.


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