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I have been restoring a ’66 Sprint GT for the past several years (see a thread I’ve been running called “Progress on Assembling Sprint GT”). It’s funny – things you expect to be difficult often prove to be easy, while things you expect to be easy sometimes turn into challenges. I am dealing with one of those challenges now, and hope that some of you can shed some light on it.

I am reinstalling the fan, radiator, and shroud, and find that it all doesn’t fit as I would expect. The fan extends too far forward and interferes with the radiator core, while the fan blades interfere with the lower part of the fan shroud.

Before all of you reply with “install an electric fan!”, let me say: thank you, but I like the simplicity, originality, and reliability of a mechanical fan. And, yes, a “Euro” style fan (like Centerline’s FB205) would probably solve my problem, but I wanted the additional air flow that the big fan gives, and don’t care about the power expenditure.

A few clarifications: The car has a 2L engine, not its original 1600. I had the radiator re-cored with a thicker N+1 row core. I asked the shop to put any additional thickness toward the front of the radiator, buy they may have messed up. I am installing the radiator with fresh mounting grommets, so it should be positioned correctly. There is no aluminum spacer on the waterpump flange.

My first photo shows the fan blades mounted to the water pump - the tape measure showing the front of the blades extending 5” from the engine front cover. As it turns out, that 5” dimension is too much – the face of the fan hits the radiator core. This is a new fan that I just bought from Centerline – their p/n FB215 which supposedly fits ’65 and up 105’s.

I am assuming that the fan should be mounted so that the concave parts of the blades are pointing to the rear. Is that correct? Photo #2 shows the fan turned around (i.e., concave forward), and it extends less far forward in that orientation - about 4-3/4" from the front cover. In the end, that is the way I mounted it, though to my eye, it looks backward.

The third photo shows an old Euro style fan on the waterpump. Again, it extends less far forward (about 4-1/4" from the front cover). I didn’t install that fan because 1) the big blades should provide extra airflow, and 2) I want to install a fresh set of blades so I don’t suffer the dreaded “dent in the hood from the underside caused by an exploding fan” syndrome. Of course, I could address this second concern by purchasing a new Euro style fan – anyone care to guess which would move more air: a Euro style fan installed correctly, or a US style fan installed backward?

The second problem is that the back side of the fan blades interferes with the lower/back part of the fan shroud. The metal shroud used on these early 105’s has a “bent in” section at the bottom - see where my finger is pointing on the fourth picture. The Euro style fan seems to extend the same distance to the rear as the larger style, so I think it will hit there too, but I must admit that I didn’t try the combination of Euro blades + shroud. Also, the shround seemed to come very close to the alternator pulley. Is anyone running one of these early metal shrouds? If so, how close does the back of the fan & alternator come to it?

In the end, I assembled the car with no shroud and a backward (big) fan - a combination that I don't love.


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