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As others have written, mouse fur is definitely not stock - I'll bet you will find that the PO wrapped this over the factory installed, head-formed vinyl because the vinyl had cracked from the sun - at least on the dash. Who knows why he put it on the doors as well.

Centerline and others sell new door panels - I believe the original panels have some chrome trim and heat formed "stitching", which appears to be missing on your panels - e.g., a local upholsterer might have a hard time creating original panels.

If you want an original steering wheel, it shouldn't be too hard to locate - the same wheel was used on the spiders, as well as the GTV's, and APE or ebay (or your local club's swapmeet) should turn one up.

Those gauges are clearly an add-on. It looks like they would be impossible to read from the driver's seat. I hope the PO didn't cut the dash to install them. It looks like he did something funky in the area where the top of the console comes up against the bottom of the dash.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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