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Hello everybody,

I'm new on ALFA BB! I often read topics on the forum to get information. It's very provided. I have with my dad a 71' 1750 gt veloce. And last week he bought a 75' monty, luci del bosco!

So i'm here today to ask you about the montreal...

I read a lot about this car, and i'w wondering why...

- this monty have ansa exhauts?
- this monty is with 205 R14 tyres rather than the classics 195 R14?

Does anyone know if there were original options, or modifications?

I can't find informations about these features, on the web or on the spare parts catalog!




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Hi Sebastian ,

most answers of any questions refer to an AR Montreal you will find
at Bruce Taylors Montreal Website ; link

The Alfa Romeo Montreal Website

Refer to your a.m. two questions

1. Ansa exhausts are definitve no original parts at AR Montreal but aftermarket products.
2. Alfa Romeo initially specified 195/70 tyres for a Montreal. In 1983 Alfa Romeo Frankfurt specified 200/70 and 205/70 tyres as admissible after-market replacements for the 195/70 ones.

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