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Quad Mikuni's on a 2 litre Nord?

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I have recently come across a quad 36mm mikuni set up for a 2 litre (and a spare 40mm set of carbs I found separately on ebay).

Just wondering if anybody out there has any experience with a similar setup. They will be going on an '84 2 litre in a 1970 1300 GT Jnr track car.
I've never seen a setup like this but seem to remember hearing about one years ago in the UK somewhere.
Hope you guys can provide some tips.

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These guys market a murdercycle carb setups for Brit cars. Thought the pics might be interesting. I've heard that Mikuni's work great. Be sure to post pics when you get the set up.
Thanks for the heads up Geezer. As soon as I've fitted them I'll post pics. Not sure whether to use the 36's or the 40's though so the trial and error phase may be lengthy!
In general it shouldn't be that big a deal provided you (1) get them mounted well on some sort of soft mount so they don't vibrate to pieces, (2) get the proper bore size and (3) get proper *fuel pressure and volume to them.

*Mikuni's come in 2 flavors in regard to how they deal with fuel. One needle seat type is for gravity feed while the other is for low pressure pumped feed.

A Johnson bar (look on a older Honda motorcycle inline 4 for what I mean) should get you the gross throttle movements and adjusters from there to the each carb will be needed for fine balance adjustment.

Flat slides work more effectively than round slides. Flat slides with the vacuum diaphram (modern sportbike, particularly the Kawi Z series) on top are the shiznit as they let you whack the throttle plate open (something not all Mikuni's have) as much as you want but vacuum controls the actual slide motion ensuring the flow is more accurately in line with the load at any given time.

There is a chance that the fuel bowls will run dry under vigorous driving without very careful balancing of the pump and floats pressure and volume wise.

In other words, sure, you can do it and it'll work well, but it's not going to be a Saturday afternoon and a 6-pack bolt a set on and go racin' conversion.
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There's one on ebay right now

There's a Mikuni setup attached to a Spica manifold on ebay right now CLICK HERE. Fabricating a throttle linkage can be a bit of hassle though.
I have to say I don't know a thing about Mikuni motorcycle carbs, however I really like the Mikuni 40 and 44Phhs. I've run a set of 44s on my track car for about 5 years and they have been great. 3 pumps of the gas pedal and the car always starts on the first try. Hot, cold, doesn't matter. They don't loose tune, and are easy to setup. If I were to ever swap my Spica out, I would run a set of 44 mikunis choked down to 34mm.

With the individual carbs, a linkage has got to be hard to do. Also keeping them in sync has to be a pain as well. Who knows that could be a really hot setup, but I'd be worried about way to many adjustable moving parts. At least jets are easy to find.

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