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Pure gas

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Is it much better to put pure gas into my 77 spider or it's not worth it?
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Don.t follow...what is "pure gas"?

Do you mean no Ethanol?

You can run perfectly well with any REG grade gasoline (87 pump octane) if ir is a stock engine. The only thing that 10% Ethanol blend will do is give you slightly lower gas mileage.

Please note gasoline is a formula of components a composition that varies by season and the design of refinery equipment processing the crude.

The only important thing is Octane rating, it needs to be high enough to prevent pre ignition (pinging on acceleration). Buying higher octane than engine requires only makes your wallet lighter.

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Some old rubber hoses may not be compatable with 'modern' gasolines. Watch for deterioration/leaks!
And the Ethanol gas blends go rancid quicker. If you're burning that stuff, keep it fresh.
So if I can get it, best to use it, how about occasional use of additive, fuel/carbuetor cleaner to add into the gas, does it work or a waste of money?
Wes Ingram recommends the addition of 4oz.of Marvel Mystery Oil per tank of gas for SPICA lubrication.
Noticed your location. If you store your car over the winter, do anything you can to make sure it's filled with pure gas and some Stabil.

I always try and go with pure gas. I've had peple tell me their Spiders ran rough on an ethanol blend, but I think if you do partial fills to keep it fresh, you should be okay. Keep a close eye on the fuel filters and on any car that's getting as old as ours are, always keep a close eye on the fuel lines.
What gas to use?

I agree with the comments above, based on my personal experience. Nothing wrong with 87 grade ethanol blend, but mileage will probably be about 10% lower than pure gas, which is usually hard to find.

For a Northeast USA location, during driving months I suggest partial fills to keep gas as fresh as possible. If long intervals between drives/fillups, suggest adding Stabil even during driving months.

If you store car over the winter months, suggest prior to storage filling up tank to decrease liklihood of water absorption, also add Stabil, plus I add a little oil to that last fillup and run thru engine, amounts needed are on other threads, don't recall off hand.

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