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Dear Members,

I just bought the '91 Spider Veloce. Thanks to those who helped in the decision. It's a one-owner rig with 48k on the ticker. Original tires....cracked and scary...otherwise in outstanding shape.

Drove to Portland from San Francisco up 101 on Saturday - beautiful with a touch of rain...

Some questions after 700 miles of constant driving....

1. Shifting. Shifting seems stiff, with slight grinding going into 1st unless *completely* stopped. Normal???

2. Second gear engagement is difficult when the car is cold - fine when warm. Normal???

3. Clutch must be pushed all the way to floor for smooth shifts. Normal???

To what degree can the clutch be adjusted for smoother engagement, and to what degree will Redline gear oil reduce the transmission whine and/or improve shifting???

PS - maybe all this gear noise and difficult shifting is par for the course, and I'm a wuss who grew up driving too many Hondas and Toyotas to know any better. If so - 1000 apologies...

Thanks again, all.

[email protected]
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