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I have a 91 Spider too their very dependable cars.

The only things I had to do in 6 years of ownership:

1. Put a cut off switch to the battery it had a tendency to go dead after sitting a couple of weeks without driving it.
2. On the clutch I had the same problem and it turned out to be a broken clutch pivot pin. (Do a search on Pivot Pins)
3. Brake switch
4. Replace the center induction hose that connects to the AFM.
5. Crack inner boot on the tranny (Causes tranny oil leak and transmits tranny noise to cabin)
6. Replace the brake master cylinder

The little things that you may notice:

1. Gas smell in cabin after fill up (Check out "I smell gas" thread)
2. Smelling like burnt oil with a hint of gas after a drive
3. 2nd gear a little touchy
4. Everyone looking at you as you drive by

Suspension work done:
1. Koni Reds shocks, IAP sport springs, Chassis Stifner and new HP Summer tires. WOW what a difference!
2. Adj. control arms and the rear poly kit from Centerline.
3. Switching out the stock 26 mm front sway bar to a 29 mm.

Engine and drivetrain work (Not needed just wanted):
1. Big valve engine rebuild with a programmable FI system and individual throttle bodies.
2. Tranny rebuilt with lighten gears
3. Switch out the 4.10 rear axle to a 4.55

These S-4's IMHO are the best looking Spider along with the S-1's and they are going up in value. The only down side to them is they lack the power that the first Spiders had do to all the weight added to them over the years of production.
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