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propwe brake fluid

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i have a 63 guila 1600 spyder normale. What is the proper brake fluid to use?
the manual calls for castrol amber. can i use castrol LMA?
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yes or any DOT 3.....The important thing is to change it every year . picka a date... Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day..........change the coolant too.
I've been using Castrol GT LMA for years in my Giulias and Milano with zero problems. It's rated DOT 4, which is better than DOT 3, so no reason not to use it. By the way, if you're in Newburgh, you missed Scott Klion's Hudson Valley tour two weeks ago (he's been leading a tour for three years now). We brought our '62 Giulia Sprint, so you're Spider would have had good company. Watch the events thread here, and think about joining the tour next fall.
Not to sound opinionated but ONLY use Castrol LMA ( Low Moisture Activity ). My dad's 74 GTV has had LMA since at least 1979 and it still has the original calipers and master cylinder. ATE or other euro brake fluids are ok also. Jonathan
thanks guys. i just found out about the LI alfa excursion here in the newburgh area. would have loved to join you. i asked about the fluid, because about a month ago i noticed that my fluid reservoir was down about an inch. i've always used the castrol lme fluid, but yesterday i had the car jacked high on one side and as i was crawling around i noticed a drip of brake fluid. i think it is coming out of the master cylinder. man try to find a rebuild kit! everyone seems out of them. after i lowered the car i noticed that the reservoir was down an 1 inch
again. then i paniced thinking that the brake fluid i used was incorrect and attacked the seals. guess it's time for a rebuild.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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