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Propshaft catching on the tunnel

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Hi guys

What a fantastic website. It's been a long time away from Alfas for me...

Age 17 to 23 I had:

Alfasud x3 including a South African model, one of only 3 in the UK
Alfa 33 1.5 and 1.7 16v
Alfasud sprint with Harvey Bailey suspension and engine work (my second favourite car ever)

We were regular visitors to Alfa Romeo Owners Club (UK) events and after 15 years my dad has only just purchased a vehicle that isn't an Alfa!

Well I'm back to Alfas with a Alfa 75 3.0V6 America (soon to be) track car. The V6 is simply wonderful :D :cool:

Anyway back to the problem!

When pulling away enthusiastically/hardish cornering/speed bumps and decelleration the propshaft is catching on the tunnel. I can't see where and I presume this is what's making the noise! (Like a chainsaw and it sounds like it's coming from below the handbrake area or further back). It's had all the donuts and the front gearbox mount replaced before I bought it. It needs a rear gearbox mount and I'm not sure of the state of the engine mounts. Also the drive shaft support seems pretty tired (I know these are hard to get hold of in the UK). It's got quite a bit of driveline shunt too. Anyone know what's likely to be causing it to catch?

Oh and thanks to AR4me for a fantastic read on his track car Roxanne. I haven't got to the end yet!
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it sounds like the prop shaft might be rubbing against the shifter , you should check the carrier bearing that bolts onto the chassis. could be worn out, and have a bit of play in it, and when you launch hard it flexes.
V6 or I4?

both: gearbox mounts, right side.
V6: no crossmember spacers towards the floor.

Edit: V6 I guess. ;)
Yes it's a V6. Thanks I'll have a look at those suggestions. Are the spacers specific parts or can they be made up yourself?
Also look at the exhaust, I have heard of the rear donut hitting the exhaust and having it sound like a chainsaw.
If the carrier bearing had enough play to allow the drive-shaft itself to move over - enough so to touch the shifter-housing - it would tear itself apart in 3 minutes flat! Check it, but I doubt it. Good call though! They do wear and they are hardly ever replaced!

Nope - it's the stopper for the nose of the gearbox! 100% sure of it!

Yours is gone - just check... There is this simple-stupid ****up-fixer jackscrew-looking threaded-thingy that comes down from the roof of the tunnel - right above the tip of the clutch-housing - it should have a half-moon rubber bumper glued to it!

Yours is gone and the rear GUIBO is rubbing against the tunnel (impossible for the drive-shaft due to the smaller diameter...)

One other thing - if the exhaust hangers are cooked, the rear muffler hump will rub (at the bend - where it passes over the right side-shaft) - it will rub on that right CV and make one hell of a racket...
make sure whoever put the rubber joints in REMOVED the steel band some this seems like a stupid thing to say but to an un alfa trained wrench that band wont get removed and tossed
Hey JJ,

On the stop, is it supposed to go throgh the floor and under the back seat? I can see some rub spots on my tunnel next to and above the rear guibo, and my stopper is there, but I can't find where it sticks through so I can adjust it....
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